4 Ways to Use the 1stPayPOS Pro to Manage Your Business

4 Ways to Use the 1stPayPOS Pro to Manage Your Business
Nov 21, 2017

A tablet-based point-of-sale system, the 1stPayPOS Pro comes equipped with a multitude of powerful capabilities that go beyond payment acceptance. These features allow owners to collapse key tasks into the 1stPay’s business management solution, so they can manage all the most important areas of their business from one platform.

What this means for business owners, is the 1stPayPOS Pro can help simplify and streamline day-to-day operations, specifically in the areas of inventory, staffing, pricing and reporting.

1. Inventory management

Managing inventory has never been so simple. The 1stPayPOS Pro comes with your inventory pre-loaded. So when it arrives at your business, your inventory has been uploaded and is ready for you to manage. On top of that, managers can also track order history, count and receive inventory and receive notifications when items need to be reordered, replaced or moved. The best part is that because inventory settings are highly customizable, you can configure them to meet your exact needs.

2. Employee management

The second business operation that you can manage directly from the 1stPayPOS Pro, is staffing. The 1stPay comes equipped with several employee management features including an employee time clock for clocking in and out and time tracking. The 1stPay also takes care of scheduling. Managers can assign shifts and email schedules and payroll summaries directly from the 1stPay platform. And if you need to assign special permissions to certain employees, the 1stPay enables to managers to attach different levels of access to those employees’ personalized PIN logins.

3. Discounts & Pricing

The 1stPay takes the hassle out of pricing through several customizable features. The 1stPay equips managers to apply distinct modifier and variation pricing and specify pricing by store or region. Managers can also configure the pricing settings to automatically apply item level or line item discounts at a dollar amount or percentage. Finally, if your business offers clients the ability to leave a tip, the 1stPay can allow for tip adjustments and inline tipping.

4. Reporting

The 1stPay comes with several reporting features that quickly and easily give you a 360-degree view of your business. The reporting structure is already set up. To run reports, users simply need to select the type of report they’d like to receive and the dates they want to cover and the 1stPayPOS handles the rest. There are several reporting options that cover multiple business areas including, transactions, inventory and staffing. Managers also have the ability to run X and Z reports.

While this blog post mainly focused on the 1stPay’s business management capabilities, the 1stPayPOS Pro also offers robust payment processing, security, ordering and customization features. To get a comprehensive understanding of the 1stPayPOS Pro’s full functionalities, click here, or contact us to speak directly to one of our local reps.