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Eliot offers a competitive and unique compensation package for all of our sales representatives. With base pay “true up” upon meeting nominal monthly requirements, upfront commissions and residual earnings––it is hard NOT to make money at Eliot.


Because our sales reps are the lifeblood of our company, we want them to be successful in their personal lives as well as their work lives. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive benefits plan including medical, dental and vision coverage as well as an employer matched 401(k).


The fast-paced merchant services industry is constantly changing, so our reps are constantly learning. We offer paid new hire training and ongoing weekly training sessions to provide our reps with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.


Hate sitting at a desk from 9-5? Not at Eliot. Our reps are always out running appointments around town and meeting with local merchants within the community. Plus, with 26+ offices across the country, each office is unique with its own personality and traditions.

Our Employee Promise

We want to be wildly successful. For that to happen, we know that you need to be wildly successful. To do that, we will make sure that you have all the tools, support and resources you need (pocket protector not included). Like your twin sister, we will love you, support you and help you achieve your goals, but we’re also going to tell you when you need to step up. We will be your catalyst for success…life-altering, mind-blowing success. You bring the heat, and together, we’ll set the world on fire.

  • Connector.

    We’ll provide an office culture that is respectful, engaging and full of energy. We’re big fans of loud music and pizza.

  • Connector.

    We’ll give you a path to growth–whatever that means for you.

  • Connector.

    We’ll recognize and celebrate your wins and help you achieve more of them.

  • Connector.

    We’ll teach you how to do things the right way–and we’ll hold you to that. We’re all about accountability up in here.

  • Connector.

    We’ll give you tons of ways to make money and never limit how high you can go; because we believe in the American Dream.

Your Potential Income

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Our Offices

Job Openings: Sales Representative with Uncapped Commissions and Residuals

What You'll Get:

If your style and demeanor is cool enough to land the job with us, you’ll get:

• Uncapped commissions.
• Immediate Residuals (this is how we build your wealth!).
• Tons of contests, bonus and incentives to make money with no cap on how high you can go.
• A fast track to leadership because we like to hire managers from within.
• An iPad with a custom built CRM system so you can keep track of your portfolio (sorry, it does not have Pokémon Go).
• To learn the business through classroom orientation and on the job training. We promise it will be more entertaining than high school Bio 101.
• To work in an office that is respectful, engaging and full of energy. We’re pretty big fans of loud music and pizza.
• Health Insurance Coverage because we want our employees to look and feel good.
• A 401(k) with a pretty sweet matching program. Gotta save for that retirement!

We Need People Who Are:

Bring your A-Game for this role. You will be expected to learn the ropes of the merchant services industry, generate sales leads and sell EMG’s suite of products and services to business owners in your area. We need people who:

• Extremely comfortable striking up a conversation with anyone. If you’re shy, that’s ok… but this just isn’t going to be the job for you.
• Dress for success! While we love comfortable clothes as much as the next guy, we like to look good on the job.
• Are able to put their game face on and close deals. Own your work!
• Be able to creatively solve problems...because stuff happens.
• Like a chameleon, we need people to be able to blend into various situations. You never know what you are going to run into when you’re out in the field.

This is what we will expect you to do every day:

• Own your accounts and manage your merchant portfolio
• Maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity, and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.
• Build relationships with your merchants––stop by with a cup of coffee or just to say “hello” even long after the deal has closed.
• Build relationships in your community because we believe in the power of being local.
• Generate leads through phone calls, prospecting and other activities.
• Know the industry and all products like the back of your hand.
• Keep an eye on the competition and beat them!
• Embody our vision and use our mission as a roadmap to your personal success.

But if not… We can train, coach and mentor you. We’ll use computers, classrooms and manager mentorship in helping you set and run appointments, and a complete understanding product knowledge until you are comfortable, like an old pair of jeans.

You’ve got to be able to:

• You’ve got to be able to:
• Start and maintain a conversation that that leads to relationship building and results.
• Motivate yourself through inspirational videos, metal music, self-bribery––sometimes you have to be your own coach.
• Learn and retain quickly because we’re going to throw a lot at you. Get it? Got it? Good.
• Close deals quickly in a short sales cycle environment.


• A year or more sales experience
• Experience in the Merchant Services/Bankcard industry
• Mad Cold Calling/ Prospecting Skills (you’re gonna have to do it, so you might as well be good at it, right? )


Our vision is to be a business our communities endorse, our competitors fear, our customers love and where our employees enjoy life-altering success. Because after nearly 20 years, we’ve got this. What we don’t have is you…yet!

If you think that you’ve got what it takes, apply today!

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