Eliot Management Group is a payment processing company with over 20 years’ experience providing the best in merchant services and payment processing to thousands of companies across the U.S.

EMG’s mission is simple: Our neighbors will endorse us because we provide love, commitment and action as we work to improve the communities in which we work. Our customers will love us because we treat them like family and provide them with the local support that no other processor can. And, our employees will enjoy life-altering success because we provide the tools, support, resources, and opportunities they need to make it happen.

We keep jobs local with a network of offices so that we can be neighbors in our communities. To view a list of our office locations, click here.
Our reps make every effort to be available for install questions and issues, but since our Customer Service is available 24/7, that will be the fastest route for getting any issues resolved after installation has occurred.
Our customer service is available 24/7 at 844-898-0337. You can also contact us through our online web form and an EMG representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
We’ll never keep you waiting too long to speak with us. Our average wait time for customer service is only 15 seconds.
All businesses are different and have unique challenges and needs. Eliot maintains offices in communities across the nation in order to provide one-on-one consultation. We work with you to identify the terminal, and services, that is the best fit for your business’ unique needs.
Absolutely! If you’re interested in switching to Eliot, contact us here and don’t forget to check out our Best Rate Guarantee, which ensures that we will meet or beat any written offer from another company to ensure our merchants are getting the best rates possible.
Because the contract with the previous process is between them and their processor, we have no authority to close the account on their behalf.
EMV stands for Euro MasterCard Visa. It is a type of credit card that operates with a chip embedded into the card instead of a magnetic strip. This technology is designed to increase security and decrease credit card fraud. It has become the standard in Europe. In an effort to combat fraud in the United States, MasterCard and Visa are moving toward using EMV technology in the United States. As they do this the burden of fraud will shift to the merchant if the business is not using an EMV terminal. Eliot has a number of EMV compatible terminals. Your EMG sales rep can fully explain EMV and its implications, and confirm that your terminal is EMV compliant. You can also learn more about EMV on our blog.
Short answer is, it depends. EMG equipment that’s EMV compatible includes:

  • Oceano Light
  • Oceano Wave
  • Oceano Mobile
  • VX520

If you have equipment that’s not from Eliot Management Group or not EMV compatible, contact us to find out whether your equipment is EMV compliant

Mobile terminals use 3G which is the service your current smart phone defaults to when your cell phone can’t get 4G – the most common and heavy coverage service available for wireless devices. However, your service can also be dependent on your carrier.
Traditionally, it takes two to three business days for deposits from transactions to appear in a business’ account. Many businesses need to have the funds from their transactions available more quickly. Eliot’s Next Day Funding (NDF) allows businesses to receive deposits from their transactions the very next business day. NDF is provided once you submit an application. It requires credit and application approval. If you’d like to submit an application to receive Next Day Funding, contact your sales rep to get an application.
Statements are available on FirstView.net. To login to FirstView.net, you’ll need your merchant ID number (username) and password. You can find your Merchant ID number and password in your welcome kit. If you have any issues logging in, please contact Customer Service.
EMG prices merchant accounts in many different ways depending on how you process transactions to give our merchants the best rate possible. If you’d like to know what your rates are, please contact your sales rep or Customer Service. Also, keep in mind that your rates are protected by EMG’s Best Rate Guarantee so we will meet or beat any written offer from a competitor.
Your high ticket is the highest transaction amount you can process without gaining prior approval from Eliot. This limit is established through a review of your processing history. The high ticket is established to protect your business from unauthorized, fraudulent charges. If you do process a transaction that exceeds your high ticket limit, those funds may be held pending verification of the transaction. If you know you are going to have a transaction that will exceed your high ticket, or if you wish to have your high ticket amount adjusted, simply call customer service at 1-844-898-0337, and they will assist you.
The most common reason is that you went over your high ticket. However, there could be any number of reasons for withheld funds. We would love to resolve this issue for you, so please contact Customer Service to get this taken care of as soon as possible.
The rate each transaction is processed at depends on a number of things including the business type, method of entering a sale, processing procedures and type of card presented for payment.

Qualified transactions are those in which an authorization was obtained electronically (swiped with the card present) and the transaction was settled within the allowed time (usually within 24 hours). The transaction meets all the requirements imposed by the bank card associations and is processed using a general consumer (not reward or business) card.

Any variation from the qualified transaction degrades the transaction to mid-qualified or non-qualified. The type of card and the way it is accepted affects the rate. Rewards cards generally fall into the mid-qualified range and business cards generally incur non-qualified rates.

Interchange is a set of two costs that your processor’s acquiring bank must pay the bank that issued your customer’s credit or debit card. Interchange fees are usually made up of a flat per transaction fee and a percentage of the transaction. Generally, the interchange accounts for about 70-80% of the processing costs. Although this is the biggest piece of your processing fees, shopping processors will not lower these costs as they are set by the member banks of Visa and MasterCard and are fixed for all processors.
The monthly minimum refers to the minimum amount of processing fees Eliot needs to collect from your business each month to maintain your account. It was established when you signed your contract with Eliot. If you don’t reach that minimum in processing costs, Eliot assesses your account the difference to reach the monthly minimum.
Short answer: No. Long Answer: After you sign a deal with Eliot Management Group, you should be contacted by Eliot Insights within the first 30 days to give you a 30-day free trial of Eliot Insights. At the end of the 30 days, you will have to cancel your account or you will be billed. For any further questions about Eliot Insights, call 1-877-870-8731 or click here).
The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (or PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to help facilitate data security. PCI DSS, developed by the major card brands including MasterCard and Visa, includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures and other critical protective measures that help protect customer account data. Business owners must demonstrate compliance to these standards. To ensure you maintain compliance, visit https://pci2.trustwave.com/action.php and complete an assessment.
With our Best Rate Guarantee, we don’t know why you’d ever want to leave, but if you absolutely must, you have to submit a cancelation in writing within 30-90 days of your contract expiration. The cancelation must be submitted no sooner than 90 days and no later than 30 days and the letter of cancelation must be a signed document. Please call 817 317-9150 ext. 0 if you intend to cancel your account.
If you are closing your business, you are still bound to your contract and will have to send in a signed cancelation letter with the cancelation fee. If you have sold your business and you want to transfer your service to that new owner, the new owner will need to open a new account with EMG and you will have to close your account, but without the cancelation fee. Please call Customer Service so they can walk you through this process.
You will need to submit the bank account change form. You can receive this form from your sales rep or from Customer Service.
To order terminal paper, simply click here to order online or call customer service at 1-844-898-0337.
Eliot has a Referral Partnership program. A merchant signs up as a Referral Partner and refers other businesses to their Eliot rep. If the referred business chooses to sign up with Eliot, the referral partner earns a percentage of the businesses processing costs. Many businesses use this program as an opportunity to donate to a chosen charity or group and will instruct EMG to forward their proceeds to whatever organization they choose.
If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, please contact Customer Service at 844-494-0337 to get your issue resolved.

  • Loss prevention issues – Select prompt 4
  • PCI – Select prompt 3
  • Technical Issues – 888-453-4538
  • Inquiries on Deposits/Batches/Detailed Transaction Reports/Supplies – Select prompt 1
  • Receipt Verbiage – Select prompt 1
  • Ordering Supplies – Select prompt 1
  • Equipment Service Calls – Select prompt 2
  • Contract, Fees and Billing Questions – 1
  • Chargebacks – 5