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Tetra Move 5000  |  Dejavoo Z9  SwipeSimple Mobile | 1stPayMobile EMV

Tetra Move 5000:

Increase your sales by merging payment and mobility. Start accepting electronic payments including EMV chip & PIN, chip & sign, magstripe, signature capture, and contactless. Learn more >>

• Providing best-in-class user experience with a large 3.5-inch color touchscreen.

Thermal Printer | Contactless | Top Security Standards



Dejavoo QD2:

Is your business always on-the-go? The Dejavoo QD2 has a wide range of versatility of using the GPRS data networks or connecting to WiFi. Learn more >>

• Supporting both 4G/3G GSM networks

• Easy-to-use color touch screen provides a user friendly navigation with the benefits of signature on the display, ideal for a merchant on the go.

EMV Chip Card Ready | Enhanced Battery Performance | USB-C Charging



SwipeSimple Mobile:

Accept payments wherever your business takes you with the SwipeSimple Mobile App. Learn more >>

• Wireless card reader (B250) to accept contactless tap, EMV Quick Chip, and magnetic stripe payments

• Can be used on any iPhone , iPad, or Android phone or tablet

• Access customer-level purchase history with reporting and analytics with product and customer insights

Electronic Receipt Option | Save Card on File | Custom Tip Presets

1stPayMobile EMV:

The perfect fit for small to mid-sized businesses. 1stPayMobile EMV enables you to securely accept payments anywhere from a mobile device. 

Moby 3000 (bluetooth)

• Accept EMV chip & sign and magstripe

Moby 8500 (bluetooth)

• Accept EMV chip & sign, magstripe and contactless

RP457c (bluetooth or USB)

• Accept EMV, magstripe and contactless payments from one device



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