Eliot offers state of the art, secure payment acceptance tailored to address your unique needs. Countertop, mobile, phone, or online, Eliot has the products and services to allow you to accept payments how and where you want. Cash advance services, gift cards and ecommerce tools help you grow your business. A network of local offices gives you a dedicated representative and one-on-one support, backed by the strength of an established national company.


Accepting credit cards is important to your business. With Eliot’s competitive rates and dependable, secure processing you can confidently accept this popular form of payment.


PIN-based debit is the most secure and cost-effect method of processing payments. In addition, you provide your customers with the convenience of a cash back option and a faster, easier check out.


Gift cards are an excellent way to bring customers to your business, increasing revenue and customer loyalty. With our easy program, you get durable, reusable gift cards that represent a guaranteed future sale, usually for more than the face value of the card.


FirstView provides a fast and convenient way to access processing data anytime, anywhere using an Internet connection. And its advanced encryption keeps sensitive merchant data safe. FirstView gives a new level of simplicity, security and convenience in managing merchant data.


Many consumers still like to write checks. Eliot offers a variety of check services including electronic check conversion, protection from fraudulent and bad checks, and even guaranteed payment allowing you to accept checks with confidence.


A cash advance is not a loan, rather an advance on future sales. Qualifications are flexible and funding is fast, usually ten days or less. You get the cash you need quickly without collateral, loss of equity, or fixed payments.