American Express is now easier to accept than ever before! Eliot is proud to offer OptBlue from American Express, which includes, new lower rates for American Express to save you money; all credit card activity shown on one combined statement; one point of contact for all customer service needs; and all funds deposited at the same time as other card brands you accept.


Save Time With OptBlue

  • One deposit so you get paid at the same time as you do for other card brands
  • One statement for all the cards you accept, so you can simplify your back-end processes
  • One processor for all your questions, so it’s easy to get answers


Get free marketing materials to help you promote your business and drive more traffic:
  • Store signage, window decals, invoice labels, check presenters and online logos
  • Free marketing materials to help you promote Shop Small, a nationwide movement held by American Express that celebrates small businesses.

Contact Us!

Fill out the form below with any questions, comments or requests you may have about OptBlue or any of our other solutions and one of our local reps will get in touch with answers ASAP!