Does the nature of your business require you to provide services away from a bricks and mortar storefront? 1stPayMobile is the perfect solution for payment processing on the go. Security is always a concern in today’s environment. 1stPayMobile is secure for both you and your customers with electronic signature capture, encrypted card reader and password authorization. Powerful able/disable software on the device ensures only you can gain access to the teminal.

1stPayMobile has many features that make it convenient and easy to use. Customer receipts can be emailed or printed on a Bluetooth printer. Enterprise reporting reconciles all your business’ transactions, mobile and counter top, in one report.

Unlike other mobile processing solutions, 1stPayMobile does not restrict you to flat rates. You pay standard processing rates, which often are much lower than flat rates, especially on smaller tickets.

With 1stPayMobile, you have access to Eliot’s 24/7 live customer service, so you can take your business on the road, knowing you can get help if you need it.


  • Password Protected and Remote Device Disable
  • Encrypted Card Reader
  • Multi-merchant Capable
  • Email Receipts

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