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Alongside the Oceano is the Oceano PINPad. It’s compact design allows for minimal space on your countertop. The Oceano PINPad also supports contactless payments allowing your customers the ease of paying right at the point of sale.


  • LCD Display
  • PCI PED 2.0
  • Customer-facing tip option
  • Contactless

Oceano PC
RDM 6400 Series


As a business, you want to accommodate your customers, but accepting checks can involve risk. The RDM 6014 check imager provides increased security and a reduced chance of taking bad checks. It improves service and means less wait-time for your customers who prefer to pay by check. It’s compact, taking up less valuable counter space. The RDM 6014 simplifies the payment process and increases the efficiency for any merchant who wants the flexibility of accepting check payments


  • Accurate imaging through optical- and magnetic-based data recognition
  • Simple drop-and-push check feed movement; bi-directional document drive that speeds up the verification process by providing a visual confirmation


This unit offers many features designed for ease of use, as well as reducing the potential for human error. Requiring little counter space, it’s a durable, efficient machine that will provide years of service, even in the most demanding environments. Magtek provides a stable, dependable platform with highly accurate check-reading functionality.


  • Easy drop-and-push feed movement, reducing possibility of human error at point of sale
  • Reads magnetic ink characters on checks, including E13-B and CMC-7 fonts
  • Accepts check transactions up to $1,500

Magtek Check Scanner