oceano mobile


When you need to process payments on the go, but still want the powerful features of your Oceano counter top unit, you need Oceano Mobile. Safe and secure, for both you and your customers, the Oceano Mobile allows you to accept credit and debit payments wherever you do business.

This compact unit boasts the fastest printer ever integrated in a mobile payment device, and 3G connectivity means 24/7 processing and unparalleled performance. In addition to swiped transactions, the Oceano Mobile can accept contactless payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, as well as EMV transactions.

You depend on your terminal and need it to available when you need it, the Oceano Mobile’s battery can process up to 640 transactions in GPRS mode. The included charging dock is compact and makes charging on the go easy and efficient.


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    Outstanding Battery Life

    Giving you the hours of transaction wherever you are!

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    Accepts Mobile Wallets

    Accept mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay, Google Wallet or Samsung Pay with ease

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    Future Proof Technology

    With NFC and EMV included, the Oceano Mobile has the tech you need today and is ready for tomorrow!

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    Portable and Powerful

    With the stability and availability of 3G, you can accept payments anywhere you can get signal

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    Safe and Secure

    With the latest PCI-PED certification, Oceano Mobile keeps your customer data safe


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